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Much as I love my local farmers’ market, every time I go to the Bay Area I’m consumed with farmers’ market envy. Out there it’s a year-round way of life. And sometimes, well, you just get too busy to make it there in time, and you arrive to discover that everything you wanted has already been snapped up. So I was thrilled to see that Good Eggs, a San Francisco-based start up has finally hit eastern shores. The online farmers’ market connects consumers and producers through their simple, inviting site.

You assemble your basket - the lovely photos are paired with charming stories of the farms and artisan producers - then make your way to a local outpost to pick it up. Best of all: they deliver. (So far New York deliveries are restricted to North Brooklyn, but I’m hoping they’ll expand their reach.) It’s a bit like a tailor-made CSA. Object of desire, at the moment: nettles from Blooming Hill farm. Nettle gnocchi are definitely in my future.


Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 10.02.54 AM

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You should come to Sacramento. No, I'm serious! We have more/larger farmers markets than the east bay - and there is one every day of the week (they rove, like anywhere) - and many of the farms that supply the bay area markets are all within 40 miles of here, so they tend to bring more. There's even a SE Asian farmers market that has stuff you can't find anywhere else (and the local tofu factory brings their wares too).

Sacramento is the most ethnically diverse city in the US, it's pretty amazing what you can find up here. We have 2 local Hmong/Lao sausage makers, Thai butchers by the dozen, the largest artisan German sausagemakers in California, lots and lots and lots of Viet supermarkets, Cambodian delis and more Korean BBQ than Oakland and SF Koreatowns combined.

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