Gift Guide, Day 3


I didn’t mean to mention this so early in the season, but my favorite jam maker is selling out fast.  Pim’s Moorpark Apricot is no more, and it’s too late to get the fascinating Saffron Peach. Pim Techamuanvivit makes her spectacular jams in very small batches, and I’m afraid that if I wait any longer they’ll all be gone. 


If you have a jam-lover on your list (and who doesn’t), they will be extremely grateful to you for introducing them to the Jam Goddess of Los Gatos.  Better still, buy them a subscription to her jam lovers club and they’ll thank you all year long. 



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Just want your readers to know that Pim teaches jam classes at Love Apple Farms in Santa Cruz, California. Folks have been known to travel here from afar just to attend. Here's a link to Pim's upcoming Marmalade class:

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